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Update: New Project with my Dad

No blogpost this week as my next post has drug on a little bit, requiring more time. But wanted to give an update on something else I’m working on.

My dad is a pastor in Georgetown, Texas. He asked me about a month ago if I’d like to work together on adapting the generosity content I’ve been researching and creating into a small group study that members of his church could go through. An 8-week course.

So we’ve started working on that together. Blogging is a pretty distant experience, so I’m excited to see how people coming into direct content with this teaching will respond. Iterate on things to make it better. That is scheduled to be done in January, but we are already working on it together right now. I will continue blogging weekly as well.

Please pray for that. I’ve never done this before. Luckily, he has decades of experience. So I’m leaning heavily on his real-life experience and you know making sure we don’t say anything heretical.

The goal of this thing is the same as this blog…. That people would come to know God’s love through generosity and desire to go be givers themselves.

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